Why does Russia support Syria

While the West wants a UN Resolution on Syria, Russia uses its veto as a permanent member in the Security Council to prevent these passing. But, why does Russia seem unwilling to to touch the Syria issue, well its actually quit easy to understand. Russia and the Assad family are close allies.During the Cold War when Israel and the US were close allies, USSR to rival this alliance became allies with Syria, But, besides being close friends this conflict is making Russia money. Syria is purchasing weapons from Russia and has been increasing since this conflict began. Turkey has banned all Syrian aircraft from entering there airspace after Turkey intercepted a civilian airliner headed to Syria that had Russian arms and radar on board (according to the Turkish government but denied by the Russian government). The most important part of this relationship is that Tartous port is the Russian navy’s only Mediterranean port. The Russian military views this port as a very important port to have in their position and feel that during a regime change they will not be able to still hold on to this port. I believe that Russia will not change its position on Syria unless Assad uses chemical weapons on its own people or something even crazier.

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What to do with Iran

As we all know Iran has enriched Uranium but whether it is for weapons as the West claims or for energy purposes as the Iranian government claims creates a question on how we should contain Iran. I believe that military action is not the answer. The US army is fatigued after fighting two wars and the American population does not seem ready for another war. I also believe that sanctions are working, according to the BBC the Iran’s currency the rial has fallen against the US dollar over 80% since 2011. On October, 1st 2012 the rial had fallen to a record low to the US dollar. I believe this deflation is a direct correlation to the tough economic sanctions against Iran. This deflation of the rial  will put stress on an already weak Iranian economy and put more pressure on the Iranian government  which has a sizable opposition to fix the problem. I believe that the Iranian government will eventually become afraid of large scale protest it saw back in 2009 and will back off the nuclear issue to relieve the sanctions against its economy, if not we may see in the future more protest and maybe a possible revolution.

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What is this

I am going to take international news stories and give my insight on them. I come from the realist school of thought for international relations and a string believer in Keynes economical policy. I encourage you to post constructive criticism or to debate on my posts.

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